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Government Notices

  • Are we accepting new patients?
    Our practice is currently full. We are not accepting new patients at this time.
  • What insurance do we accept?
    We accept most major health insurance, including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna (Evernorth), Medicare, Managed Health Network (MHN), and Optum. Due to the number of various insurance plans, we do suggest that you contact your insurance company to confirm that our practice participates in your insurance plan and that you are aware of your benefits (deductible, copay and number of visits allowed).
  • Office Information
    We are utilizing HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth for our current/existing patients treatment plans. Practice standards require all patients receiving medication to be evaluated, at minimum, every three months.
  • Who can help me with scheduling appointments?
    Judy Mendoza is the primary contact to schedule my appointments, handle any insurance related matters and to answer any questions about our services.
  • How do I change a scheduled an appointment?
    Because appointment hours are reserved for you, we would appreciate being notified of any changes to your schedule that may affect your appointment. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask for 24 business hours (1 business day) advance notice so we can accommodate other Patients on our waiting list. If appointments are not canceled 24 hours in advance or you do not show up, you will be automatically charged the full fee for the missed session. This fee will not be billed to your insurance company and is payable prior to scheduling any future visits. Appointments can be changed by calling us at (916) 747-2346. LATE ARRIVALS: If you are late for your session, you will only be seen for the remainder of the time left in your appointment time slot. Since you will nevertheless be charged for the full amount of the session, it is to your advantage to be on time for all sessions. Should you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a medication/therapy visit, you will be asked to reschedule so that an appropriate amount of time and attention may be devoted to your care. You will still be responsible for payment of the missed session.
  • How do I sign documents?
    Our office now offers a paperless way to complete your Patient Forms. You will receive an Adobe E-Sign email to complete and for your eSignature (Electronic Signature). You do not need an Adobe account or to download our forms. Signers just click the link to sign documents from anywhere, 24/7 using a browser or mobile device. How to fill and sign a PDF form: 1. Open a PDF document in Acrobat DC. 2. Click the “Fill & Sign” tool in the right pane. 3. Fill out your form: Complete form filling by clicking a text field and typing or adding a text box. ... 4. Sign your form: Click “Sign” in the toolbar at the top of the page. ... 5. Send your form: For more information on how to complete your forms, you can watch this video for detailed instruction. HOW TO FILL OUT AND SIGN YOUR PDF FORM
  • Telehealth for our patients treatment plans
    Our office is utilizing HIPAA Compliant Telehealth for our patients treatment plans. If you are a new patient, we will email you our patient registration/consent forms for you to complete through Adobe E-Sign and for your eSignature (Electronic Signature) in order to receive telehealth services. Please email or a copy of the front and back of your current insurance card(s) and a copy of a valid picture ID for us to upload into your chart. During your appointment, please have your picture ID and current medication bottles with you to show Dr. Hall. If you are a current patient, in order to receive telehealth services, you will need to complete our Telepsychiatry Consent form that is included in our Patient Information Update Packet . We will email you a Dropbox Sign document to complete for us to provide this service. We will contact you about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to offer you any assistance with the log in or payment process.
  • What is Telehealth?
    Telepsychiatry (also known as Telehealth/Telemedicine) provides psychiatric services using interactive video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, in which the psychiatrist and the patient are not at the same location. Telepsychiatry will allow the patient to receive medical care without the need to visit the office. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to see your provider from anywhere in California. How It Works On your mobile device: Go to Google Play or App store Download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app Click on the Zoom Icon Select ‘Join a Meeting’ Enter your Meeting ID number and password from your email invitation. On your desktop or laptop: Open your appointment reminder email Click on the link Select ‘Join a Meeting’ Enter your Meeting ID number and password from your email invitation. For more information on how to connect via telemedicine, you can watch these videos for detailed instruction. HOW TO JOIN A MEETING JOINING & CONFIGURING AUDIO AND VIDEO FAQ Q: Do I need an account to use Zoom? A: It is not required to join a meeting as a participant. Q: Is Telehealth safe and secure? A: We are using Zoom's HIPAA Compliant platform. Zoom is known to incorporate network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of information and audio/visual data. These protocols include measures to safeguard the data and to aid in protecting against intentional or unintentional corruption. You can review the HIPAA Compliance Guide of Zoom at Q: When will I get my meeting invite? A: On the morning of your appointment you will receive an email invitation. Please connect at your scheduled appointment time. After logging on you will be placed into a virtual waiting room until Dr. Hall (the host) connects on her side to your meeting. Please Note: You have will have a different Zoom meeting ID and password for every appointment. We will contact you about 15 minutes prior to your appointment to offer any assistance with the log in process. If you have any questions, please contact us at (916)747-2346.
  • How are Payments made?
    All payments are due at time of service in order to receive a telehealth/telemedicine meeting invite. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve chosen a new billing solution with InstaMed that allows you to pay (using all major credit cards) or (directly from your bank account). ONLINE PAYMENT - The transition is simple. Next time a payment is due, simply click here to pay via our secure, online payment form using the payment method of your choosing. A 2.9% service charge will apply for any credit card payments. This fee is not a portion of your co-payment nor cover by your insurance plan, but a separate administrative fee for this service. ACH bank transfers are free. We’re excited to say goodbye to our old billing ways and welcome a more efficient system that saves time for both you and us. Please let us know any questions (916) 747-2346.
  • Credit Card on File FAQ
    Q: How does the automatic billing process work? A: Your credit card will be captured today and stored securely. After your insurance carrier responds and provides us your remaining balance due we may charge the patient responsibility to your credit card on file, not to exceed the maximum balance due indicated in the agreement. Your credit card on file will only be charged when you have a balance owing on your account or for a non-covered service. Q: How will I know how much you are going to charge me? A: You will receive an explanation of benefit from your insurance carrier that explains exactly, according to your health insurance coverage and benefits, how much of your healthcare bill is your responsibility and how much the insurance paid along with any contractual adjustments. Q: What if I need to dispute my bill? A: We will always work with you to resolve any issues and will refund you if we have made a billing error. We will only charge the amount that we are instructed by your insurance carrier to collect from you in the same way that we normally determine how much to send you a statement for in the mail. If you disagree with how your insurance carrier processed the claim you will need to contact their customer service department directly. Q: Will I receive a statement or receipt for the charges automatically billed to my card? A: Not automatically. Your insurance carrier EOB and your credit card statement will be your receipt. You can at any time contact us to have an account itemization emailed to you. Q: What is a deductible? A: An annual deductible is the dollar amount you must pay out of your own pocketing during your plan year for medical expenses before your insurance begins to pay. For example, if the policy has a $1,000 deductible, you must pay the first $1,000 of medical expenses before your insurance will begin to pay. Your insurance company must receive a claim to process in order to apply balances towards your deductible. Even if you have a high deductible plan we encourage you to have us submit the claim to your insurance so you receive a contractual adjustment and the services can be applied towards your deductible. Q: Is my credit card secure? A: Yes, we do not store your sensitive credit card information in our office. Keeping your card on file, offsite, in an encrypted payment gateway actual enhances security because it reduces exposure at each visit.
  • How do you fill Prescription Refill Requests?
    Please contact your pharmacy for all refill requests at least one week prior to running out of your medication. This is to ensure that the pharmacy has your medication available,and a prior authorization is completed (if needed). Please do not wait until you are out of medication to request refills or an appointment - we will need at least 48 business hours (2 business days) to refill any prescriptions and we cannot guarantee an appointment will be available immediately. We are not obligated to refill any controlled medications if appointments are missed and/or not made accordingly. If any controlled medications are lost, or stolen we are not obligated to refill those until the next scheduled appointment. Please be aware that one of the main purposes of an appointment is to ensure that you have enough medication to last until your next visit. Therefore, you will not need to call our office to request refills as you will already have enough medication to last until your next appointment. In order to continue to receive medication, you will need to be seen for an appointment in order to review progress, side effects, update labs and make any additional adjustments. There will be a $25 charge for any prescription refills ordered between appointments. This policy is to encourage all patients to keep their scheduled appointments and to ask for refills or discuss any medication changes during office visits.
  • Do you need a letter?
    Letters and/or forms are often requested by patients (or their parents) to be sent to schools, employers, etc. You will be charged a letter-writing fee for this service, minimum of $25, depending on the complexity of the letter and information necessitated. For letters needing to be written for more professional matters, a minimum fee of $50 will be assigned and needs to be paid prior to any letter being written. Please note that our office does not submit any forms electronically.
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